Due July 1

Exhibition Application Form
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We are pleased to announce that Anna Leonowens Gallery is able to return to programming our roster of in-person exhibitions and that the gallery itself will be open to the public beginning in the Fall 2021. One-week exhibitions will be programmed in Galleries 1, 2A, 2B and 3. Port Loggia Gallery will be programmed on an ad hoc basis. Exhibition dates and gallery spaces will be prioritized for graduating Black, Indigenous, Persons of Colour (BIPOC) students. We welcome you to identify yourself/your communities in your bio or within your proposal, if you wish to disclose.

Exhibition space in the Anna Leonowens Gallery is reserved primarily for University-based activity. Applicants are prioritized in the following order:

  1. MFA Thesis exhibitions;
  2. Undergraduate students in their graduating year;
  3. Group/ Class exhibitions;
  4. Visiting Artists and Faculty projects.


To be eligible for an exhibition you must be enrolled in at least one course during the semester you intend to exhibit. Priority is given to students in the final semester of their graduating year. Winter semester priority is given to MFA Thesis exhibitions which typically take up the months of March and April. If you are an undergraduate student who can only exhibit in March or April we will likely not be able to accommodate your request. A student graduating in April may be considered eligible for an exhibition in the following Summer semester only at the invitation of Gallery staff.
Please note: This is a competitive application process. Not everyone who applies for an exhibition will be given the opportunity to exhibit solo. In the case that the Exhibitions Committee notices a common theme amongst a number of applicants the Committee reserves the right to group proposals into 2-4 person exhibitions. Students are encouraged to curate exhibitions amongst their peers as this will increase the chances of their proposals being accepted.
The Gallery encourages proposals for two/three person projects and group shows from students in all levels of the University. These projects will be considered after all applications for solo, final-semester exhibitions are programmed.