Apply for the Graduation Exhibition 

The Graduation Exhibition is an annual showcase of work by undergraduate and graduate artists completing their degrees at NSCAD University. This exhibition highlights diverse and interdisciplinary approaches by the exhibiting students in a variety of mediums spanning textiles, sculpture, intermedia, drawing, painting, ceramics, jewellery and more.

1. Fill out the online application form
2. Submit up to 3 works for consideration (only one work will be selected for the final exhibition)
3. Prepare up to 5 images or supporting files(s) for each work, naming your files: LastNameFirstLetterTitle#.jpg (e.g. PaukerLUntiltled2.jpg)
4. If you have a film or video, include a URL to your project (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.)
5. Works in progress should be accompanied by a written proposal describing the intended media, concepts, size, and final appearance of the works
6. Apply for the Online Catalogue, if interested


Apply for the Graduation Online Catalogue

The Graduation Online Catalogue is a digital presentation of work by undergraduate and graduate artists completing their degrees at NSCAD University. The Online Catalogue will represent all disciplines and media, including videos, performance documentation, as well as short creative and academic written work.

1. Fill out the online form, submitting up to 3 works.
2. Prepare a 200 word max bio/artist statement, including any accomplishments over your education at NSCAD
3. Prepare up to 5 images of each work (at least 1000 pixels width) and name your files: LastNameFirstLetterTitle#.jpg (e.g. PaukerLUntiltled2.jpg)
4. If you have a film or video, include a URL to your project (Youtube, Vimeo etc.) and a still image (at least 1000 pixels width)
5. If you have a written piece (750 word max), submit a PDF file and name your file: LastNameFirstLetterTitle#.pdf (e.g. SmithTUntiltled1.pdf)
6. Apply for the Graduation Exhibition, if interested

Click here to download a .pdf of complete submission guidelines 




Exhibition request deadlines for Faculty, Students and Classes:
June 1st for Fall exhibitions
October 15th for Winter exhibitions*
March 15th for Summer exhibitions

Undergraduate Application Form
Gallery Floor Plan


Only students entering the final year of their program can apply for a solo exhibition. Solo student exhibitions may only occur during their final two semesters while enrolled in the University. This application must be accompanied with a detailed Assessment Form completed by a Faculty Studio Advisor.

A student graduating in April may be considered eligible for an exhibition in the following Summer semester only at the invitation of Gallery staff. The student however must prove enrollment in a summer course to qualify.

Please note: This is a competitive application process. Not everyone who applies for an exhibition will be given the opportunity to exhibit. In the case that the Gallery Staff notices a common theme amongst a number of applicants Staff will curate 2-4 person exhibitions in consultation with the exhibitions committee. Students are encouraged to curate exhibitions amongst their peers to increase the potential of their proposals being accepted.

*Be advised that undergraduate exhibitions in the Winter semester will be programmed in the months of January & February. (March & April is reserved for MFA thesis exhibitions). Please contact gallery staff if you have any questions.


In all semesters, priority for exhibitions is given to a limited quota of Faculty, Visiting Artist and Graduate student exhibitions, then solo undergraduate applicants entering their final semesters. Although there are major fluctuations in the number of solo applicants from semester to semester, the Gallery encourages proposals for two/three person projects and group shows from students in all levels of the University. These projects will be considered after all applications for solo, final-semester exhibitions are programmed.

The request form and your submitted proposal must bear the signature of a Faculty Member who will act as your Faculty Studio Advisor throughout the production and exhibition stages of your project. Please leave a copy of your proposal with your Faculty Studio Advisor in case a future consultation is needed.

For Faculty solo exhibitions, Faculty curated group or class exhibitions please contact the Gallery or your Department Chair for information.