MAY 18 – 27, 2021: Undine Foulds; Sal Lovink McKinnell; Cam Hutcheson

Anna Leonowens Gallery Window Exhibitions 
1889 + 1891 Granville Street
1894 Hollis St. Halifax NS

The Anna Leonowens Gallery is featuring student exhibitions throughout May – June 2021 in our historic street level windows. Not in Halifax? We will be sharing works from these exhibitions on social media.

Gallery 1 window
colours of the erosion bank at Townsend and Kempt, and other stories
Undine Foulds, undergraduate exhibitor

Processing found materials for decoration on functional ceramic vessels, Foulds creates new objects by guessing, pocketing, smashing, burning, sorting, testing, cottling, threading, and pinching, over and over again. Various collections of keepsakes, habits, and scraps are paired with these place-specific objects, developing a visual map of personal travel and new objects for everyday use. Foulds offers, “the exhibition is many examples of working with hard things.”



Gallery 2 windows
Squeeze Me Harder
Sal Lovink McKinnell, undergraduate exhibitor

About their exhibition, McKinnell states, “this show is a combination of two bodies of work that exist within the same conceptual realm. They are both inspired by my observation that our domestic and urbanized spaces are lacking rich tactility and that touch as a sense is under-explored and under-utilized. The works are all hand woven with a thoughtful approach to colour, scale, and texture. Through the use of soft and hard materials I aim to create an emphatic touch space, inviting the viewer to fantasize about existing in a touch-centric world.”







Gallery 3 windows 
Cam Hutcheson, undergraduate exhibitor

In her exhibition, Hutcheson examines the relationship between the maker and the processes of art-making. A woven outfit, made from strips of figurative paintings, speaks to a connection between materials and the body. This dialogue is continued in a series of small-scale self portraits on handmade paper. Through painting, weaving, and papermaking, Hutcheson examines her own art practices, and the cyclical nature of creating and destroying in one’s work.

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