MAR 2 – 11, 2021: Emily Sheppard + Kris Reppas; Meg Bennett; Joël Brodovsky-Adams

Anna Leonowens Gallery Window Exhibitions 
1889 + 1891 Granville Street
1894 Hollis St. Halifax NS

The Anna Leonowens Gallery is featuring student exhibitions throughout the Winter 2021 semester in our historic street level windows. Not in Halifax? We will be sharing works from these exhibitions on social media.

March 2 – 11, 2021

Gallery 1
Across the Fire
Emily Sheppard and Kris Reppas, undergraduate exhibitors

Through the creation of three custom burial shrouds, Sheppard and Reppas explore death through the lens of their cultural systems and beliefs. Each will call into question one’s personal aversion to death, touch upon caring for those passing on, and start a conversation around the ways luxury and class structures determine end of life planning. Who deserves a “good death” and what does that mean in the context of the modern death industry?

Gallery 2
Meg Bennett, undergraduate exhibitor

Meg Bennett is interested in botanical forms and large-scale ceramic constructions. The works in her exhibition are partially inspired by Karl Blossfeldt’s plant images and her own photographic exploration of nature. During walks around the city she collected natural forms with symmetry and interest; these specimens became models for large explorations in clay and hand-built form. Bennett’s palette is derived from the bright autumn colours and sensations of a plant-filled city.

Gallery 3
Join the Club
Joël Brodovsky-Adams, undergraduate exhibitor

Using porcelain to create vases and sculptural objects, Brodovsky-Adams references the legacy of ceramics as functional objects, while producing work that ultimately exists as decorative. He explores the manipulation of pattern and imagery on complex, three-dimensional surfaces using a visual vocabulary comprised of pop culture references and personal touchstones. The central themes of his work are queer nightclub and party culture which for many, play a central role in developing and embracing community and identity.

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