MAR 16 – 25, 2021: Dakota Burpee, Maddy Filipps, Anru Zhu

Anna Leonowens Gallery Window Exhibitions 
1889 + 1891 Granville Street
1894 Hollis St. Halifax NS

The Anna Leonowens Gallery is featuring student exhibitions throughout the Winter 2021 semester in our historic street level windows. Not in Halifax? We will be sharing works from these exhibitions on social media.

March 16 – 25, 2021

Gallery 1
Wears for the Revolution
Dakota Burpee, undergraduate exhibitor

Dakota Burpee’s weaving practice is rooted in textile and garment design which richly incorporates both the mind and body in its process. Her collection of handwoven textiles is a reflection and embodiment of hope amidst a pandemic. Burpee’s work aims to find balance amongst contrasts such as desire and despair, light and dark, rhythm and ritual. She sources materials locally and investigates unique processes, incorporating them into her handwoven wears.

Gallery 2
Morphic Resonance
Maddy Filipps, undergraduate exhibitor

Filipps’ exhibition consists of two large-scale relief print installations with drawn components. Both works investigate different structures of the human body during pregnancy. The repeated imagery speaks to the cyclical nature of reproduction – both the beginnings of human life and the physical structures involved. The exhibition title, Morphic Resonance, references the idea that all life inherits something beyond physical traits, that is passed from parent to child during creation and exists as a collective memory shared between all members of a species.

Gallery 3
Anru Zhu, undergraduate exhibitor

Anru uses techniques including crochet, casting, and metalworking to explore the relationship between jewelry and people. She aims for her creative ideas to be reflected in her artworks in numerous ways – through symbolism, their physicality, value and social function.

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