“Home Work: Lure of the Atlantic”, Video series

In 2020 the Anna Leonowens Gallery used social distancing protocol as a method of creation and produced a series of six short videos highlighting NSCAD Alumni who live and work in the Atlantic region. “Home Work: Lure of the Atlantic” provides a rare glimpse into the home studios and working conditions of artists who possess the particular resourcefulness and inventive nature necessary to maintain a thriving art practice in Atlantic Canada. Available and affordable studio spaces in our region’s major cities are increasingly rare, and yet there is no shortage of artists here, finding viable work-arounds and inspiration in rural settings. As the covid-19 pandemic has made it necessary for many Canadians to work from home, we felt that it was a perfect time to foreground artists from our region who have been working this way all along.

Using whatever digital recording device that was available to them each artist was free to determine how they would approach the theme. With the assistance of intern Hrista Stefanov, their footage was edited and prepared for online presentations.

Participating artists include: Kym Greeley, Craig Francis Power, Graeme Patterson, Rilla Marshall, KINUK (Ursula Johnson and Angella Parsons collaboration), and the Maloney/Cronin family (Sarah Maloney, Ray Cronin, Kathryn Cronin and Mollie Cronin).

This project was generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Originals Grant.

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