Grey Kimber Piitaapan Muldoon, “Current Equipment:”

What is this?

South Wall:

North Wall:


You are invited to bring a bag of potatoe chips or a small vessel of water. 

Place your gift in one of the isolation containers. 

If leaving a gift for the SOUTH IMAGE, sing in your own ways:

“Love lift us up where we belong: 
Where the Eagles CRY! 
On a mountain HIGH! 
Love lift us up where we belong: Far from the world we KNOW!
Up where the clear winds BLOW!”

Bonus points: You can even raise and outstretch your arms if you like! 

If you are leaving a gift for the NORTH IMAGE, please sing:

“My love is all I have to GIVE.
Without you I don’t think I could LIVE!
I wish I could give the WORLD to YOU, but my love is all I have to GIVE.”

Bonus points: You can rotate if you like!


Grey will be present in the gallery nightly tending the space.
A Series of 4 live performances are planned to be seen through the windows.
Monday the 23rd, Tuesday the 24th, Wednesday the 25th, and Thursday the 26th.

5:15PM (Introduction), 6:15PM (Intermission), and 7:15PM (Closure)

Visit as long or as little as you like. There is no “best time” laughs​.

Live Feed:

On Thursday the 26th, Grey plans to add a Live Feed of their performance from The Anna’s Insta

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