DEC 1 – 10, 2020: Postcards from a Time of Crisis

Gallery 3
Postcards from a Time of Crisis

Students in the course “Making Art in a Time of Crisis” made and sent postcards to engage with course material and to connect with each other.¬† Making and receiving postcards is a way to have something physical and handmade to hold on to in a semester of virtual learning.

Featuring works by: Eilidh Bassani, Alex Bateman, Lee Bertram-French, Autumn Ducharme, Anna Halcrow, Kayleigh Isenor, Jean Jacobson, Daisy Jin, Amy Johnston, Emily Krueckl, Dominic Lajeunesse, Daniel Lillico, Zena Malik, Morgan Mitchell, Esli Nkunku, Madeleine Putnam


Postcard by Daisy Lin


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