Art Bar + Projects


The Art Bar +Projects space is independently operated by the Alumni Association of NSCAD. It was created as a space to showcase performance and installation art, relational aesthetics and art happenings. The Alumni Association aims to create an inviting atmosphere that will promote the discussion and celebration of art and design in Halifax. Art Bar +Projects is community focused with a global view; it is a space for students, faculty, alumni and our community. The Art Bar +Projects has been very successful with all constituencies and is becoming recognized across Canada. We have all worked together to find a new model for having such a facility and we are committed to its success.

1873 Granville Street, Halifax NS


For NSCAD Students, Faculty and Staff
Please submit Art Bar +Projects Booking Request through MachForms Portal:

NSCAD Partners
If you are an arts organization wishing to partner with NSCAD on an event, please email Onya Hogan-Finlay at

Community Members
If you are a business, organization, or individual that is not affiliated with NSCAD or it’s programming, please contact Art Bar +Projects manager, Cortney Cassidy at The manager is available Fridays from 12 – 8 p.m. to respond to booking inquiries or to facilitate site visits.


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