JUNE 1 – 10, 2021: Jennifer Wilson; Julie Lindsay; Intro to Expanded Media + Ideas & Process

The Anna Leonowens Gallery will feature student exhibitions throughout May – June 2021 in our historic street level windows. Not in Halifax? We will be sharing works from these exhibitions on social media.

Exhibitions: June 1 – 10, 2021

Gallery 1 window
Thank You, I Had a Nice Day
Jennifer Wilson, undergraduate exhibitor

In Thank You, I Had a Nice Day, Jennifer Wilson paints sentimental and humorous documents of everyday life, encouraging others to reconsider chance moments that are unintentionally striking and endearing. These come in many forms: an arrangement of lawn ornaments, a dog in the window, or children’s scribbles on pavement. She recalls the past with some amount of falseness, filling in blank spaces of memory with her own fictional narratives and projected emotions. This series uses painting to recontextualize these fragments of documentation, creating new compositions that are close to, but not quite the truth.

Gallery 2 windows
Julie Lindsay, undergraduate exhibitor

In her painting practice, Julie Lindsay is always exploring the feeling of music and dance through shape, colour and texture. She offers, “there is a dialogue between my art and movement and sound. Through this connection, I want people to feel the music. I want them to have a desire to dance.”


Gallery 3 windows 
RESIDUE + Zoom: exercises in simultaneity
Video works by Intro to Expanded Media + Ideas & Process students

As one year of online studio learning comes to a close, Intro to Expanded Media artists have collaborated to reflect on their experiences of sharing virtual space and establishing meaningful connections within a mediated environment. What has been lost through physical/geographic distance? How do we engage in these shared spaces together? And within these virtual spaces, what are the ways in which our presence is imprinted or traced? Residue embodies the creative synergy and vulnerable contributions that were shared throughout the semester.  This compilation of “exquisite corpse” narratives is an archive of these moments of intertwined virtual exchange — A collection of creative echos and reverberations.  Contributing Artists: Gavin Caissie, Robyn Newman, Si yue Meng, Isabelle Girard, Sam Swayzie, Will Rochon, Ashia Beaver, Ben Horne, Carle Zhang, Cameron Walker, Augusta LeBlanc, Cole McParland, Leah McLean, Alex Johnston, Qingtian Xia, Andrew Hill, Maeve Hackett, Kay Slauenwhite, Kate Solar, Alek Green, Reagen DeWolf

Zoom:  exercises in simultaneity
The provocation for this collaborative group project was deceptively simple in nature: — create and document a collaborative art work using the zoom platform — explore the term “simultaneity”.  Participating artists embraced the technical restrictions of this challenging prompt and pushed the video chat platform to poetic heights;  resulting is a bizarre, uncanny abstract video that ingeniously co-opts and overrides the platform’s intended function. In groups of three, the artists playfully experimented with zoom’s import/export features, sonic/audio capabilities, time delay/lag, virtual screen, and filter functions. In the first 1 minute of footage the artists attempt to collage their faces into a composite portrait in realtime. This footage was then reimagined by a second group of artists.  To create the audio for this work, every second of the original audio was altered through a complex process of exhaustive digital layering. The video component was created by repeatedly processing stills from the original footage using FaceApp until the faces began to meld together. The resulting composite face was further rendered through reface (a video based face swapping software) and then superimposed back into the original video footage.
Contributing Artists: 
Group 1:  Alek Green, Willow Star, Hongjie Zhang
Group 2:  Andrew Neville, Luca Soldovieri 


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