2020 NSCAD Graduation Exhibition

Adapting to these current tumultuous times, the NSCAD 2020 Graduation Exhibition, curated by Erin Riehl, will be hosted online at @annaleonowensgallery on Instagram and Facebook. Join us ‪April 13th through May 15th‬ to celebrate our graduating students with artist features ‪at 10 a.m.‬ and ‪3 p.m. AST‬ daily!

The NSCAD Graduation Exhibition is an annual showcase of work by undergraduate and graduate artists completing their degrees at NSCAD University. This exhibition will highlight diverse and interdisciplinary approaches by the exhibiting students in a variety of mediums – spanning textiles, sculpture, drawing, painting, ceramics, jewellery, and more.




The following are links to media works by 2020 graduates:

Jessie McLaughlin, Limbo

Wiebke Schroeder, extracting 1.0

Katherine Strongman, There’s No Use Crying Over Spilled Coffee (But That’s Never Stopped Me)

Amidst this tumult, it may seem an unconventional time to pause and celebrate art. However, in this storm of closures, breaking news, and press conferences, it is art – movies, television shows, books, video games, music, and fine art – that people around the world turn to for entertainment, yes, but also reassurance and escape. It bolsters us against the isolation, the anxiety, and the boredom. Art will carry us through.⠀

Completing a degree or certificate, it is easy to zone into the work, to put your head down and live deadline-to-deadline, piece-to-piece. We do not see ourselves developing as artists, curators, writers, and critics. We do not see refinement of our skills. NSCAD’s graduation exhibition has always been an opportunity for us finally pause in our work, to straighten up, step back, and see how far we have come. ⠀

Often this time is also busy with next steps: new programs, new jobs, new cities. In this current climate, wherein so many of us are having to slow down, let’s use this opportunity to enjoy our successes before pushing on to the next deadline. Graduates, let’s savour this achievement. Friends, family, and community members, let’s celebrate those who have and are and will continue to create that which keeps us going. ⠀

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2020!

– Erin Riehl, 2020 Graduation Exhibition curator

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